Meta has been banned from carrying out behavioural advertising on Facebook and Instagram based on the surveillance and profiling of users in Norway unless the company obtains users’ consent.

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority imposed a ban on Meta that will initially apply until October.

The ban will apply from August 4 and last for three months, or until Meta can show that it complies with the law.

“Should Meta not comply with the decision, the company risks a coercive fine of up to one million NOK ($100,000) per day. The Norwegian Data Protection Authority’s decision only applies to users in Norway,” the authority said in a statement.

The authority said the practice of Meta is illegal and is, therefore, imposing a temporary ban of behavioural advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

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In December last year, the Irish Data Protection Commission issued a decision on behalf of all data protection authorities across the EEA which established that Meta has conducted illegal behavioural advertising.

Since then, Meta has made certain changes, but a fresh decision from the Court of Justice of the European Union has stated that Meta’s behavioural advertising still does not comply with the law.

“The Norwegian Data Protection Authority’s decision does not ban Facebook or Instagram in Norway. The purpose is rather to ensure that people in Norway can use these services in a secure way and that their rights are safeguarded,” said Tobias Judin, Head of International in the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

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“All business models must respect privacy as a human right. Users must have sufficient control over their own data, and any tracking must be limited,” Judin added.