Meta is rolling out real-time AI image generation in beta for WhatsApp users in the US.

The new AI image generation feature functions seamlessly within WhatsApp’s chat interface. Users can type in textual descriptions, and the AI will instantly create a corresponding image. As they add more details or modify their descriptions, the image will continue to evolve and adapt, providing a dynamic and interactive experience.

In the example shared by Meta, a user types in the prompt, “Imagine a soccer game on mars.” The generated image quickly changes from a typical soccer player to showing an entire soccer field on a Martian landscape. If you have access to the beta, you can try out the feature for yourself by opening a chat with Meta AI and then starting a prompt with the word “Imagine.”

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Additionally, Meta says its Meta Llama 3 model can now produce “sharper and higher quality” images and is better at showing text. You can also ask Meta AI to animate any images you provide, allowing you to turn them into a GIF to share with friends.

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