Google on Monday announced a new transatlantic subsea cable system to connect Portugal, Bermuda, and the US, as the tech giant aims to boost its internet infrastructure.

Called Nuvem and named after the Portuguese word for “cloud,” Nuvem will improve network resiliency across the Atlantic, helping meet the growing demand for digital services.

The new cable path will add international route diversity and support the development of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure for the continents and countries involved, Google said in a statement.

Nuvem will be the first to connect Bermuda with Europe.

“Bermuda has long been committed to the submarine cable market, and we welcome the Nuvem cable to our fast-growing digital Atlantic hub,” said Walter Roban, Bermuda’s Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs.

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Portugal has similarly become a port for subsea cables not only because of its strategic geographic location in the southwest of mainland Europe but also because of the country’s focus on bolstering the infrastructure of the digital economy.

“Google’s investment incorporates our vision for Portugal in the telecom and data sectors: to establish our country as a thriving connectivity gateway for Europe, fostering robust connections with other continents,” said Joao Galamba, Portugal’s Minister of Infrastructure.

On the US end, Nuvem will land in South Carolina. The cable’s arrival will further establish the state as a growing technology center, increasing connectivity and job diversification, Google said.

Nuvem will follow in the footsteps of Firmina, which landed in South Carolina earlier this year and will ultimately connect with Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay.

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Expected to be ready for service in 2026, Nuvem will add capacity, increase reliability, and decrease latency for Google users and Google Cloud customers around the world.