Microsoft on Friday introduced new “set delivery” options in Microsoft Teams, with which users can now mark their messages as important or urgent.

With the options, users can make sure that their messages are “noticed and given the attention they deserve”, the company said in a statement.

Navigate to the “Mark as important” button which is present beneath the compose box and select either the “Important” or “Urgent” option depending on the level of attention the message requires.

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“But that’s not all! Once you’ve marked your message, you can include all the necessary files, links, and pictures needed to get your point across. No longer will your messages be buried in a sea of unread chats,” it added.

Moreover, if users decide that their message is not as important or urgent as they originally thought, they can select the “Standard” option from the delivery options to send it as usual.

The company further mentioned that the “Urgent” option is for “truly pressing matters”.

The urgent message will notify the recipient every 2 minutes for a total of 20 minutes, or until they finally read it.

“It’s up to you to decide what messages warrant such urgency, based on the needs of your organization or group,” the tech giant said.

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