Google has announced to add new features to the Play Store for better listing of apps next year.

The company showcased the upcoming changes at its annual developer conference I/O earlier this year. “Your Play Store listing is the best way to help prospective users understand the functionality and value of your app”, the company said in a blog post.

There will be new changes on large screens like tablets, foldables, and Chromebooks. The improvements will help users to find the best apps for their devices.

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The company is also redesigning the Play Store for large screens using the screenshots, videos and descriptions directly in Apps and Games Home. The target of the content-forward approach is to better represent the apps in the store and help users to make install decisions, the company said.

On Chromebooks, users can browse the Play Store and examine screenshots of the app on a tablet or a phone. Now the company introduced the option to post Chromebook-specific screenshots in Play Console.

It allows up to 8 screenshots and will mostly be visible on the Play Store for Chromebooks. Both the listing page for the app and the Play homepages will display these screenshots.

The screenshots in 16:9 ratio for landscape with dimensions of 1080-7690px are recommended, the company said.