Google Fiber will offer 5Gbps and 8Gbps tiers starting in early 2023.

The company is pitching these new offerings for people like creative professionals, those that regularly work “in the cloud” or with large data, and households with many people sharing the internet, according to a blog post from the director of product management Amalia O’Sullivan.

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“5 Gig will make it easier to upload and download simultaneously, no matter the file size,” writes O’Sullivan. “And 8 Gig will make sure that everything you are doing online is happening in near real-time (without jitter and with low latency).”

The tiers each come with a Wi-Fi 6 router and up to two mesh extenders with professional installation, but you can use your own router if you want. The 5Gbps tier will cost $125 per month, while the 8Gbps tier will cost $150 per month. Both will have symmetrical upload and download speeds.

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