Google Search is timing out when users search for specific terms like “How many emojis on iOS,” “How many emojis on Apple” and “How many emojis on Windows.”

Google Search is throwing a server error, shown below, after timing out as users search for phrases like “how many emojis on iOS” or “How many emojis on Apple” (no quotes).

Another user, llui85 compiled a list of some phrases that seem to be triggering the issue on Google search, when entered in the search bar without quotes:

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  1. “how many emojis on ios”
  2. “how many emojis on apple”
  3. “how many emojis on windows”
  4. “how many emojis on lumia”
  5. “how many emojis lumia”
  6. “how many ios emoji” – working (albeit slowly)
  7. “how many emojis in ios”
  8. “how many emojis inside ios”

“I’d hazard that a specific web page appearing in the results is probably causing this error – I would be very curious to find out which page this is,” suspects the user, who after looking up the following term seems even more convinced that a particular .com site is causing the issue:

Google search Android search app is also showing the same error.

We will update this article after we got some information from Google.

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