Google has announced that it is removing some underutilized features in Google Assistant “to focus on delivering the best possible user experience”.

As per the list shared by the company, Google will be removing 17 features.

Starting January 26, the company said when users ask for one of the removed features, they may get a notification that it won’t be available after a certain date.

“As we continue to make Google Assistant more helpful, we’re prioritizing the experiences you love and investing in the underlying technology to make them even better — which means that some underutilized features will no longer be supported,”

Some features being removed include — the functionality that allows users to use their voice to send an email, video, or audio message. Users will also not be able to use their voice to perform tasks such as making a reservation, sending a payment, or posting on social media.

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Users also will not be able to manage a stopwatch on Smart Displays and Speakers. Voice control for activities will no longer be available on Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 devices.

Calls made from speakers and Smart Displays will not show up with a caller ID unless you’re using Duo.

Moreover, the tech giant said that it is bringing a more consistent experience within the Google app.

According to the company, the microphone icon will now trigger Search results in response to your queries. This change won’t let you use the Search bar microphone to do things like turn on the lights or send a message.

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Google said that Pixel devices will also be affected, as the microphone in the Pixel Search bar will now activate Voice Search instead of Assistant.

Meanwhile, Google has confirmed that it has cut several hundred jobs across hardware, core engineering, and Google Assistant teams.

The layoffs will impact employees in Google’s hardware and central engineering teams, as well as workers across Google Assistant, reports CNBC.