Google has opened its first cloud region in Indonesia, offering three cloud zones and its usual suite of services including Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner, Google Kubernetes Engine, and BigQuery, the tech giant announced in a blog post.

“The launch of our new Jakarta region (asia-southeast2) brings the best of GCP closer to our customers and users. With lower latency access to data and applications, companies doing business in Indonesia can accelerate their digital transformation. It will also help customers meet specific regulatory and compliance requirements, and provide more disaster recovery options for customers across APAC. The region has three Cloud zones from the start, enabling high availability workloads. With this region, Google Cloud now offers 24 regions and 73 zones across 17 countries worldwide.” Davis Hart, Asia Pacific Managing Director, wrote in a blog post.

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Having a region in Jakarta will help new and existing customers in Indonesia leverage Google Cloud technologies to provide better experiences for local users. “Google Cloud already helps us to execute our digital banking strategy, which accelerates financial inclusion, and to provide better banking services for Indonesians,” said Indra Utoyo, Director of Digital, Information Technology and Operation at Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. “Right now, we are using Apigee, Google Maps Platform APIs, and Cloud Vision for our development purposes. Using a hybrid approach, in cloud and on-premises, both Google and BRI are putting data security as our highest priority. The Jakarta region launch reinforces Google’s commitment and helps us reach out to our customers even better.” 

Google also spent the last couple of years expanding its cloud footprint in the region, which grew from five cloud regions in 2018 to its current nine. The US vendor’s global cloud revenue clocked $2.77 billion in the first quarter, up 52% from the year before. It does not break down its cloud revenue or customer numbers by region.