Fortress Night, the Chinese version of the popular video game Fortnite, is shutting down its services entirely on November 15.

The company’s official website in China stated that it is ending the “test” version of the game in the region this month.

The developers will close the registration of new accounts and the download portal on November 1. The game will shut down entirely on November 15, with the servers shutting down permanently.

“Fortnite China’s Beta test has reached an end, and the servers will be closed soon,” it said in a statement.

“On November 15 at 11 am, we will turn off game servers, and players will no longer be able to log in.”

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Fortress Night was launched in 2018 through a partnership with the publisher Tencent.

Currently, no exact reason has been given as to why Fortnite China is suddenly being shut down. Only a few months ago, the Chinese government introduced new laws that prevent under-18s from playing any more than three hours per weekend.

Online games will also be required to connect through an “anti-addiction” system run by the government under the new regulations Users must use their real names and government-issued documentation for identification on the sites.

The companies also will not be allowed to provide services to users who haven’t logged in with real-name registration, preventing them from simply remaining ignorant to their users’ backgrounds.

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