The social media giant Facebook said on Tuesday it would start allowing users to set up physical security keys as a way to verify their identity before logging into the social network’s mobile app, beginning next year, as reported by Axios.

The company currently offers an option to require a hardware security key to connect to a desktop computer before each log-in.

The security keys are advised for high-profile accounts, but will available for use to any Facebook account holder that wants one.

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The world’s largest social network said it also plans to expand Facebook Protect -its security program for high-profile accounts including election candidates – to more types of accounts globally next year. Facebook is considering sending security keys to public figures like policymakers.

The rollout of new security services follows a July hack of peer social network Twitter Inc which compromised many celebrity accounts, including those of President-elect Joe Biden and Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk.

Currently available in the United States, Facebook Protect offers a way for politicians, government agencies and election staff to set up additional security provisions such as two-factor authentication and real-time monitoring for potential hacking threats.

It will now be available to users like journalists and human rights activists who are at a higher risk of being targeted by sophisticated hackers, Facebook added.

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