Clubhouse has announced that it will now let users limit who can see their full profiles due to increased security threats related to Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

The company said it is launching a protected profile setting to make it so that your full profile is only available to people who you approve as followers.

“Your name, username, bio, and any linked social handles will be available and you can update them as you see fit. You can also still block users,” the company said in a blogpost.

Users can visit your settings and toggle on the protected profile. This allows you to approve your followers. Only your followers will be able to see the rooms, clubs, and replays on your profile, the company said.

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It also makes you less visible on Clubhouse in general. For example, users you have not approved as followers will not be able to know when you are online and we will not recommend that people you do not know follow you, it added.

The company said it has also turned the Replay feature off by default for all users in Ukraine (the feature was already off by default for Russia).

“If you want to use this feature, do not forget that the conversation will then live on for others to listen to. Even with Replays off, it is important to remember that we cannot control the actions of users on the platform, who may seek to use third-party apps or devices to record, store, or share content or communication without other users’ prior consent,” the company said.

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