Google has rolled out a new feature called “Listen to this page” for its Chrome browser on Android. This text-to-speech functionality allows users to have webpages read aloud, offering a more accessible and convenient way to consume online content.

The feature boasts intuitive playback controls, similar to music or podcast players, allowing users to pause, adjust reading speed, and skip forward or backward. It also offers customization options for voice selection and language, supporting several languages like English, French, German, Arabic, Hindi, and Spanish.

To access the feature, simply tap the three-dot menu on a webpage and select “Listen to this page,” which appears below the Translate option.

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While Google Assistant can also read webpages aloud, this new feature keeps users within the Chrome browser, streamlining the experience. Currently being rolled out in phases, the “Listen to this page” feature has been spotted in version 125 of the Android Chrome app and the beta version.

This addition aligns with Google’s ongoing efforts to enhance accessibility and user experience across its products. Similar features are being tested on desktop Chrome, and Apple’s Safari for iPhone offers a comparable “Listen to Page” functionality. The integration of text-to-speech capabilities into web browsers is a growing trend, making online content consumption more inclusive and convenient.

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