Boeing’s Starliner capsule is encountering yet another delay as NASA has postponed its return to Earth from the International Space Station (ISS).

This decision comes after engineers discovered helium leaks and a valve issue that requires further examination. The Starliner had already experienced multiple setbacks before its successful launch earlier this month.

NASA is now aiming for a return “no earlier than” June 22nd, and a teleconference has been scheduled for 12 PM ET on June 18th to provide additional information on the delayed departure and discuss the identified issues.

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This delay is a significant setback for Boeing as the Starliner program has faced numerous challenges since its inception. While the successful launch earlier this month was a positive step, the recurring delays underscore the difficulties faced in developing a reliable spacecraft.

NASA and Boeing officials will need to address these technical issues promptly to ensure the Starliner’s safe return and restore confidence in its capabilities. The upcoming teleconference is expected to shed light on the extent of the problems and the steps being taken to resolve them.

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