Brave has launched Leo – Brave’s privacy-preserving AI assistant built right into the browser – on all Android devices.

Android users who update to version 1.63 can ask Leo questions, summarize pages, translate pages, create content, and more from both the browser address bar and within the webpage.

Leo can handle any number of tasks, both in the context of the webpages you’re viewing and completely separate from this context. Among other things, Leo can:

  • Create real-time summaries of webpages or videos
  • Answer questions about content
  • Generate new long form written content
  • Translate pages, analyze, or rewrite them
  • Create transcriptions of video or audio content
  • Write code

Brave Leo gives access to several high-quality large-language models (LLMs), ensuring better, more relevant answers to even niche questions, and fewer of the hallucinations that plague other AI experiences.

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Leo Premium 

The Brave Leo experience is free to all users. For those who’d like access to higher rate limits, however, Leo is also available as a Premium experience. Users can subscribe to Leo Premium for $14.99/month, and one subscription covers up to 5 different devices across Android, Linux, macOS, and Windows. Users log into their Brave account from their other devices with that subscription.

FeatureLeo coreLeo Premium
ModelsMixtral 8x7B (strict rate limits)
Claude Instant (strict rate limits)
Llama 2 13B (higher rate limits)
Mixtral 8x7B
Claude Instant
Llama 2 13B
Rate limitsVarious rate limitsHigher rate limits
Quality of conversationsVery high, dependent on modelVery high
PrivacyInputs are always submitted anonymously through a reverse-proxy and are not retained or used for trainingInputs are always submitted anonymously through a reverse-proxy and are not retained or used for training
SubscriptionFree$14.99 monthly

Brave Leo for Android is now available to all Brave Android users who’ve updated to version 1.63. Note that it will be rolled out in phases over the next few days, so users should check back soon if they’re not seeing it today. Brave Leo for iOS devices will be available in the coming weeks.

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