MediaTek on Monday introduced Dimensity Auto, a new automotive platform to provide automakers with a wide variety of cutting-edge technologies needed for the future of intelligent, always-connected vehicles.

As part of this platform, MediaTek Dimensity Auto will offer a comprehensive portfolio that includes Dimensity Auto Cockpit, Dimensity Auto Connect, Dimensity Auto Drive, and Dimensity Auto Components.

“Our goal is to leverage decades of expertise across several categories in technology to deliver the smart life on wheels, as we work together with the world’s top automotive brands to create a more intuitive, immersive, safe, and comfortable driving experience,” Jerry Yu, Corporate Senior Vice President, and General Manager of CCM Business Group, said in a statement.

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With Dimensity Auto Cockpit, the company will bring flagship-grade experience in Smart Home and Entertainment to vehicles and is built using leading chip manufacturing processes to maximize feature integration, performance, and power efficiency.

Moreover, the company mentioned that Dimensity Auto Connect is designed to keep drivers seamlessly connected with the world around them.

By harnessing high-speed telematics and top-performance Wi-Fi networking, this innovative technology will ensure uninterrupted connectivity on the road.

Further, the company said, utilizing the high-performance capabilities of MediaTek’s AI Processing Units (APU), Dimensity Auto Drive enables ADAS solutions and provides a scalable and comprehensive open platform to provide partners with intelligent assist and autonomous driving solutions.

MediaTek also introduced Dimensity Auto Components, which will provide reliable automotive-grade chipsets and stand-alone components for new generations of connected, intelligent vehicles.

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