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Author: Bijay Pokharel


7 VPN Services Leaked 1.2 TB Of User Data Including Usernames, PlainText Passwords, Connection Logs And Website-Visit Histories. 

Seven Virtual Private Network (VPN) providers who claim not to keep any logs of their users’ online activities recently left 1.2 terabytes of private user data exposed to anyone who comes looking. The data, found on a server shared by the services, included the Personally Identifiable Information…


IBM Reports 2020 Second-Quarter Results 

IBM published second quarter financial results on Monday, reporting its second straight quarter of revenue declines despite beating expectations.  The business technology giant delivered non-GAAP EPS of $2.18 on revenue of $18.1 billion, down 5.4% year-over-year. Analysts were expecting earnings of $2.07 per share on revenue of…