Apple will reportedly not include the overhead strap for the Vision Pro headset in the box.
According to Gizmochina, the headset comes with a stretchable 3D knitted fabric headband that fits around the users’ head behind their ears. But there is another strap that the company has not yet mentioned.

An additional overhead strap would likely help balance the headset and prevent it from being easily knocked off when the user is moving.

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The Vision Pro’s weight has not yet been disclosed by the tech giant, but it is anticipated to be quite heavy, especially given that the company chose to move the battery to an external pack.

In this instance, the addition of a strap over the head could significantly balance the weight of the gadget and improve the user experience.

As the company neither discussed the overhead strap nor featured it in the marketing materials, the iPhone maker likely intends to sell this strap as an additional accessory and not include it in the headset’s retail box.

The tech giant had unveiled the Vision Pro headset earlier this month. Priced at $3,499, the headset will be available early next year, beginning with the US.

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