The first developer beta of visionOS contains a hidden feature for Apple Vision Pro spatial computer.

The feature, named ‘Travel Mode,’ is specifically designed to enhance the users’ in-flight experience.

The Travel Mode appears to be the company’s answer to provide a smoother experience given that the cabin of an aeroplane with its limited space and special environmental conditions might be difficult for virtual reality (VR) devices, reports MacRumors.

Several text strings were found in the first developer version of visionOS that provide information about the operation of this new feature.

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The discovered text strings include– “If you’re on an aeroplane, you’ll need to keep Travel Mode on to continue using your Apple Vision Pro”, “Remain stationary in Travel Mode”, “The current fit may reduce gaze accuracy”, “Turn on Travel Mode when you’re on an aeroplane to continue using your Apple Vision Pro”, “Your representation is unavailable while Travel Mode is on”, and more.

These text strings indicate that the feature was created to modify Vision Pro’s capabilities to fit the specific constraints of an aeroplane cabin.

“As Travel Mode is still in beta, we expect further refinements and potentially more features before it’s rolled out to the general public,” the report said.

The tech giant had unveiled the Vision Pro headset earlier this month.
Priced at $3,499, Apple Vision Pro will be available early next year, beginning with the US.

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