The tech giant company apple announced another launch event — its third in recent months — scheduled for November 10.

An invite sent to reporters was simply titled “One More Thing,” a line Apple often deploys at the end of big events to debut a surprise product.

Apple announced plans to switch over from Intel processors to its own Apple Silicon CPUs back in June at WWDC, promising that the first computers using the Arm-based chips would be out later in 2020.

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The company says it’s making the change for similar reasons as its switch to Intel chips in 2005: Apple says it can get better performance with lower power consumption from its own Arm-based efforts than it can with Intel’s processors.

While Apple is rumored to start off with a MacBook of some sort for its initial Arm computer, the company’s ambitions are for its entire product lineup — from laptops all the way to desktops — to use Apple chips at some point down the line.

The event will stream live on the company’s website at 1pm ET on November 10.