Google has unveiled a new feature for its upcoming Android 15 operating system: Theft Detection Lock.

This AI-powered tool aims to combat the rampant issue of phone theft by automatically locking a device’s screen if it detects that the phone has been snatched.

The technology behind Theft Detection Lock leverages advanced AI algorithms to identify common motions associated with theft, such as a sudden jolt followed by rapid movement, which could indicate the phone has been snatched from a user’s hand and the thief is fleeing. Once triggered, the phone screen immediately locks, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data and enhancing security.

In addition to Theft Detection Lock, Google has introduced several other security enhancements for Android 15. These include:

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  • Offline Device Lock: This feature automatically locks the screen if the phone is disconnected from the network for an extended period, even if the thief tries to remove the SIM card.
  • Enhanced Authentication: Android 15 will employ sophisticated algorithms to detect unauthorized usage patterns, such as multiple failed authentication attempts, and promptly lock the screen for added security.

Android 15 also introduces new security features, including “private spaces,” which let you put apps and information in a separate hidden area on your phone that can be locked with a unique PIN. Google also adds protections for when a phone is forced to reset, requiring the owner’s credentials the next time it’s set up.

These features will be rolled out to compatible Android devices via a Google Play services update later this year.

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