Some iPhone owners report that the latest iOS 17.5 update unexpectedly resurrects previously deleted photos, including sensitive ones.

This issue has been highlighted in various online forums and discussions. Notably, a Reddit thread spotted by MacRumors reveals that iOS beta testers had similar complaints about the bug last week.

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Latest iOS update has brought back some pictures I deleted in 2021
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The bug appears to primarily affect photos that were deleted several years ago, with some users reporting images from as far back as 2016 resurfacing in their recent albums.

While the exact cause remains unclear, it’s speculated to be a glitch within iOS 17.5’s photo management system, potentially related to data recovery mechanisms or cloud syncing.

As of now, Apple has not officially addressed the issue or provided any explanation for the bug. The company has not commented on whether a fix is in the works or when it might be released.

While awaiting an official response from Apple, users are advised to exercise caution and take proactive measures to safeguard their data.

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