Reframing a video footage to a different Social Media is a time consuming process. Because Simply changing your project’s settings from a widescreen aspect ratio to a square one won’t cut it; you’ll also have to shift the footage around to keep all the action in the reduced frame. Auto Reframe in Adobe’s Premiere Pro will do that shifting automatically from now on. Revealed at International Broadcasting Convention, this feature will help editors quickly create videos suitable for different platforms, something that can take hours when done manually.

 if you’ve got a video that you want to post to YouTube, the Instagram grid, and Instagram Stories, you’d currently have to manually edit that video for three different aspect ratios. Auto Reframe can automatically identify the main action happening in the video and crop and pan the frame around that footage to fit within ratios like square, vertical, or 16:9 videos.

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“With Auto Reframe, users can simply drag the effect onto the individual clip or clips they wish to reframe and it does the work for them, saving countless hours,” says Adobe. The effect is powered by Adobe Sensei, the company’s AI and machine learning engine that automates tasks throughout the Creative Cloud software suite. Sensei analyzes each frame of the footage and creates keyframes (basically time-based coordinates) that follow the action and adjust the framing accordingly. This will cut the time it takes to create a new version of a video from hours to minutes. And for editors, who are often freelancers or contractors, time is money.

Auto Reframe will launch on Premiere Pro later this year. Motion graphics templates will also be coming to After Effects, making animated graphics, text and lower third visuals a faster, easier process.

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