Huawei has launched LEQI smart electric scooter with HarmonyOS support for $375 in China.

The front and rear aspects of the scooter are equipped with 9-inch Chaoyang automotive-grade high-elasticity vacuum explosion-proof tires, which can effectively reduce turbulence, reports GizmoChina.

The product is equipped with a 630W high-power motor, built-in 10.4Ah ternary lithium battery, the battery pack has IPX7 waterproof capability and the vehicle has a battery life of 40km.

The electric scooter comes with a 350W high-power motor, to maintain a 630W maximum output. In addition, its climbing gradient is 15 percent for 75 kg of weight with the maximum speed limit of 25km/h for this scooter.

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The scooter has LED lights in the front, decorative lights on both sides, and red taillights on the back.

Huawei recently announced that it will start the production and delivery for a small batch of Arcfox Alpha S electric vehicles in the fourth quarter of this year.

Alpha S has been developed in partnership with a unit of state-controlled automaker BAIC Group and it is the result of over a billion dollars worth of investment for research.

The new EV will come with Huawei’s “HI” systems which means Huawei Inside and offers Level 4 capabilities, which means that the car is capable of “full autonomy”.

Currently, more than 150 million devices are now on HarmonyOS, making it the fastest-growing OS in history.

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