Zoom has announced new features to power modern work experiences in the hybrid era.

At its annual event, Zoom announced four new features coming to the platform — ‘Mail and Calendar’, ‘Spots’, ‘Virtual Agent’ and ‘IQ Virtual Coach’.

With the ‘Mail and Calendar Clients’ feature, users don’t have to leave the platform to access their email and calendar. Both services will be integrated directly into the platform, the company said in a statement.

The company also launched ‘Mail and Calendar Services’ for those who do not have specialized IT services but are keen on privacy and security.

Clients and Services for Mail and Calendar will be available in beta.

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‘Spots’ is a “video-enabled persistent space” built within the platform and will be available in early 2023 to support inclusive conversations and keep team members in touch.

‘Virtual Agent’ is an “intelligent conversational AI and chatbot solution” that employs machine learning and natural language processing to understand and effectively handle customer issues. It will also be available in early 2023.

Additionally, ‘IQ Virtual Coach’ will be coming soon as part of IQ for Sales.

“It will simulate a variety of selling scenarios to give salespeople a practice environment where they can improve their pitches, get input from prospects, and receive real-time content suggestions while speaking with them,” said Zoom.

By enabling administrative-authorized installed apps, it will soon be simpler for developers to provision and manage apps that interact with the platform.

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On the Zoom App Marketplace, developers will soon be able to make money from their apps, the company said.