Elon Musk’s X has introduced two new capabilities, Sensitivity Settings and Enhanced Blocklist, for advertisers.

“On top of current platform-wide protections, we will start testing Sensitivity Settings that will enable advertisers to align their brand’s messaging with content on X that meets their unique sensitivity needs,” the company said in a blogpost.

Available in the coming weeks within the X Ads Manager, the new Sensitivity Settings is an automated solution that will help brands establish the right balance between reach and suitability when it comes to ad placement on the platform.

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Advertisers will be able to select their preferred environment that best meets their individual campaign objectives.

Enhanced Blocklist is an automated, industry-standard blocklist that aims to protect advertisers from appearing adjacent to unsafe keywords in the Home Timeline — For You and Following.

“Our work is ongoing and these new solutions are important milestones in our continued brand safety and suitability efforts,” the company said.

The platform further mentioned that it is committed to giving advertisers more control and transparency, and it will continue to keep building new capabilities for advertisers.

Last month, the company claimed that more than 99 percent of content that users and advertisers see on the platform is healthy.

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