Twitch has announced that it has started testing its Discovery feed, which the company introduced last month.

“Our first Discovery Feed experiment starts rolling out to select users today,” the company posted on X.

“Feature Clips after every stream to get discovered in the Feed, even if you’re not in the experiment.”

The company also mentioned that this limited experience will help the platform train its algorithm and get users’ feedback.

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In a separate post, the streaming platform said, “We’re rolling out horizontal Clips to start, but you’ll see more vertical Clips as the feed evolves.”

The company is also testing “Popular & Featured Clips” before switching to exclusively Featured Clips.

Also, the user’s feed will be personalized “over time.”

Twitch first introduced the Discovery feed at its TwitchCon Paris event last month and described it as a scrollable feed in the app that would show users a personalized mix of Clips.

The platform had also said that users would be able to mark Clips as featured in their Creator Dashboard this month.

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