Before stepping into the explanation of the Pros and Cons of Tor, you need to know the importance of Tor and Why it is used? Do you wanna know the main purpose of using the Tor browser on your system, then let me explain to you the nook and corner of Tor. What is Tor? Tor is a browser that aims to conceal its user’s identities and their online activity from surveillance and traffic analysis by separating identification and routing.

Tor browser is an implementation of onion routing, which encrypts and then randomly bounces communications through a network of relays run by volunteers around the globe. This is it. Now we can jump on to the topic. Tor is a browser that lets you browse the internet anonymously. I guess, now you have got an idea about the Tor browser and its usage.

DOUBLE THE SECURITY: Tor browser is one layer of protection to your information. If you need double-layer protection, then go ahead with a VPN. The Powerful VPN can boost anonymous talk and no one in the universe can track your IP address, usernames, passwords, and nothing. 

But what is the advantage and disadvantage of using the Tor browser on your system? Take a look at the article below for more opinions.

Advantage of using Tor

First, let me tell you that this browser is available for free. You can use them completely without any negligence. Secure your information by using Tor. It offers you a bunch of features in them. I have listed them below. Check it out.

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  • Tor is an open source software which means the code can be inspected by anyone. This reduces the risk that it contains malicious backdoors.
  • Tor allows it’s user to circumvent censorship and it provides security by routing the internet through three relay servers (i.e. One for entering, one in the middle and the other at the end) which make them as secure like using three proxies.
  • It supports .onion sites which are impossible you to open on other existing browsers rather than Tor.
  • Tor technology can be utilized to provide anonymity to websites and other servers configured to receive inbound connections which are only accessible by other Tor users. It is otherwise called as hidden service.
  • Hides your IP address from which you are accessing the deep or dark web. It is impossible to track your IP address of the system.
  • It is easy to set up after installing them. If you haven’t downloaded yet, then Click here.
  • Tor browser is free to access.
  • It supports all major operating system.
  • Tor doubles the security protection of your data if you have VPN service on your system. If you don’t have them, then get them immediately on your system and browse anonymously.

Disadvantage of using Tor

  • Tor doesn’t recommend for use with BitTorrent or any other torrent clients. It is because the clients may reveal your true IP address even if you don’t configure them.
  • Your bandwidth speeds are reduced when using Tor.
  • Higher authorities can monitor and track your internet connection even if they can’t find your real IP address. Once you access Tor for an illegal purpose, you will get monitored by law authorities if there is a need.
  • It doesn’t encrypt your traffic. If anyone monitoring your connection could still read things like usernames and passwords that are transmitted in plain text. To avoid monitoring, you need Powerful VPN on top of Tor which doubles your security. If you don’t have them on your Tor, I strongly recommend you to use VPN to safeguard your data. Trust me! It is worth buying.
  • Tor browser uses apps which are not protected and doesn’t provide anonymity. To remain anonymous, you need to avoid using apps like Flash which is not protected by Tor. You should never use them if you want to remain anonymous.
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