Elon Musk on Thursday claimed that the X platform was asked to suspend accounts of sitting members of the Brazilian Parliament and journalists, as the US government now looks into possible law violations in the country.

In a post on his X social media platform, the billionaire said that they have just received an inquiry from the US House of Representatives regarding actions taken in Brazil that “were in violation of Brazilian law”.

“There were hundreds, if not thousands. This is getting spicy,” posted Musk.

He further said that they were “asked to suspend sitting members of Brazilian parliament and journalists”.

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The Brazilian government is apparently attempting to ban X in the country and has even allegedly threatened to arrest its employees if their demands are not met.

Neither Musk nor the Brazilian government revealed which accounts were ordered by Supreme Court judge, Alexandre de Moraes, to be blocked, which kicked off the tensions between Musk and the government.

Earlier this week, the SpaceX and Tesla CEO alleged that X employees in Brazil were facing arrest.

“They have been told they will be arrested,” he had posted on X.

The tech billionaire earlier said that he would lift “all the restrictions” even if the company had to close their office in the country.

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