Elon Musk on Tuesday alleged that employees of his X social media platform in Brazil are facing arrest amid his ongoing stand-off with the judiciary over blocking some X accounts.

The tech billionaire said that X needs to get employees in Brazil to a safe place and then “we will do a full data dump”.

“They have been told they will be arrested,” he posted on X.

Neither Musk nor the Brazilian government revealed which accounts were ordered by Supreme Court judge, Alexandre de Moraes, to be blocked, which started the tussle between Musk and the government.

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Amid reports that the Brazilian government will also suspend all Starlink contracts in their ongoing battle with Musk, the X owner said that Starlink will provide free Internet for schools in Brazil “if the government won’t honor their contract.”

“When did de Moraes become the dictator of Brazil?” said Musk.

“He (de Moraes) demanded that X suspend accounts of people who raised corruption concerns while insisting that X pretend the suspension was for violating our terms of service,” Musk alleged.

“We obey the laws of countries even if we disagree with them, but this requires violating the laws of Brazil.”

The tech billionaire earlier said that he would lift “all the restrictions” even if the company had to close their office in the country.

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