Google is reportedly working on a new feature for Chrome that will show users how much memory each tab is using.

The information was shared by Chrome expert Leopeva64 on Twitter, reports Android Police.

The new feature will let users know specific memory usage for every open tab when they place the cursor on it.

This feature will be helpful for users when they have opened multiple tabs, as it will help them decide which tabs to close.

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Last month, the tech giant rolled out the Memory and Energy Saver modes for Chrome on Mac, Windows, Linux, as well as Chromebooks.

Chrome’s Memory Saver automatically “frees up memory from inactive tabs” to give other pages and apps on users’ computers more resources. And, with Energy Saver, “Chrome conserves battery power by limiting background activity and visual effects”.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the company was working on a new feature for Chrome that will allow users to erase the last 15 minutes of browsing data, on Android.

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