There is a possibility of losing your nerves and your calm when it comes to teenagers. They can be very spontaneous and yet very sensitive. It is a time when they figure out many new things about their personality, the world, people, and life in general. They like to go out and be independent. They also demand privacy. Now the popularity of digital media, easy access to the internet and through that to the world has opened up new possibilities for them. They have more friends on social media and nearly everything is done online including dating, friendship, gaming and learning as well.

This calls for the parents to be more vigilant too. Kids get in contact with total strangers which unfortunately can be sexual predators and unsafe people. There have been many incidents in which kids were lured into sharing sexual pictures and videos and then blackmailed or called to meet in person and then kidnapped and assaulted. The bullying has become easier on the social platforms and kids suffer even more because it never really ends. Sexting is also popular among teens, however, it can be very dangerous for them and also lead to legal consequences. There are hazardous health consequences of excessive digital device use as well.

How can parents manage?

Taking care of all this can be stressful and worrisome for the parents. They are advised to use parental control Android apps such as FamilyTime. An app can monitor different online activities for them and all they have to do is keep an eye on things. It is handy because it lets the kids enjoy their time without parental intrusion. But parents stay in the loop and take charge when they see any kind of danger. These apps are also a great way to make them follow the screen time and other safety rules and also check that they are following them.

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FamilyTime app supports online monitoring in which you can view browser history, apps and app usage etc. You can also monitor text messages for sexting and bullying and keep an eye on their calling habits and contacts. If you don’t want them to use a certain app, you can simply block it or limit the use by specifying a daily app limit. Their screen time can be managed with the help of limits and phone locks that you can adjust according to your need. That is not all but you can also keep track of their whereabouts through location history, Geofence updates, SOS and Pickup alerts.

Don’t lose your nerves

Instead of losing your mind, lose the worries by getting a parental control Android tool for your kids. It is simple, useful and a very smart way to deal with teens and strike a balance between worrying too much and not worrying at all. Using such tools keeps everyone happy and safe.


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