Tesla is being investigated by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) for the advertised range of its TVs and personal decisions.

The electric car-maker disclosed in a US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing that the Justice department issued subpoenas related to perks, vehicle range and personal decisions.

“We receive requests for information from regulators and governmental authorities, such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the National Transportation Safety Board, the SEC, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and various local, state, federal and international agencies,” Tesla said in its filing.

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The company has received requests for information, including subpoenas, from the DOJ. “These have included requests for documents related to Tesla’s Autopilot and FSD features. Additionally, the company has received requests for information, including subpoenas from the DOJ, regarding certain matters associated with personal benefits, related parties, vehicle range and personnel decisions,” Tesla informed.

The company said that no government agency in any ongoing investigation has concluded that any wrongdoing occurred. “We cannot predict the outcome or impact of any ongoing matters. Should the government decide to pursue an enforcement action, there exists the possibility of a material adverse impact on our business, results of operation, prospects, cash flows, financial position or brand,” said Tesla.

The DOJ’s inquiry into vehicle range came as reports surfaced earlier this year that the automaker had exaggerated the range estimates for its EVs for years. The Reuters investigation, citing anonymous sources and industry experts, found that the directive to use algorithms to give rosier range numbers came from Musk.

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