Micro-blogging platform Twitter is reportedly testing a new verification process for its Blue subscribers that will involve submitting a government ID.

The method for submitting a photo of the users’ ID, both front and back, combined with a selfie photo, to authenticate their Twitter account is revealed through code-level insights uncovered by the product intelligence firm Watchful.ai, reports TechCrunch.

However, it is still unclear whether the feature is being tested externally.

According to the firm, the feature is in testing in the US, where it was found in the Android version of the Twitter application.

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Adding a photo ID and selfie requirement to Blue’s verification process would help to fight against impersonation.

Users are advised by the micro-blogging platform that the new verification process will take roughly three minutes to complete and that their photos and personal information will be shared with a third party to verify their identity.

This means that the platform is partnering with a company to handle the authentication process rather than managing it directly, the report said.

Last month after rolling out Twitter Blue with a verification service in India that starts from Rs 650 a month, CEO Elon Musk reiterated that all legacy Blue badges would be removed soon.

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