The micro blogging site Twitter has permanently suspended the @DDoSecrets Twitter account for violating its policy about the distribution of hacked data after the account shared links to hacked data stolen from US law enforcement agencies, ZDNet Reported.

Prior to the ban, enforced earlier today, the DDoSecrets account belonged to an activist group going by the formal name of Distributed Denial of Secrets.

On Friday, last week, the group published 296 GB of data they claimed to have received from the Anonymous hacker collective.

The NFCA said it appears the data published by BlueLeaks was taken after a security breach at Netsential, a Houston-based web development firm.

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“Preliminary analysis of the data contained in this leak suggests that Netsential, a web services company used by multiple fusion centers, law enforcement, and other government agencies across the United States, was the source of the compromise,” the NFCA wrote. “Netsential confirmed that this compromise was likely the result of a threat actor who leveraged a compromised Netsential customer user account and the web platform’s upload feature to introduce malicious content, allowing for the exfiltration of other Netsential customer data.”

The DDoSecrets group has often been categorized as “an alternative to Wikileaks.” The group’s previous leaks have exposed major government corruption scandals across the world, and DDoSecrets’ work has been cited in the New York Times, CNN, The Daily Beast, and other major publications.