Truecaller has introduced a call recording feature on both iOS and Android.

While both operating systems restrict apps from recording calls natively, Truecaller circumvents the restriction by calling a dedicated recording line, TechCrunch reported on Wednesday.

On Android, users can start a recording call directly from Truecaller’s dialer. Truecaller will display a floating recording button if they are using another dialer.

On iOS, users will need to call a recording line through the Truecaller app to merge incoming and outgoing calls.

According to the company, the other person on the call will hear a beep to indicate that the call is being recorded, the report said.

In 2018, Truecaller introduced call recording to premium users on Android, and in 2021 it was made available to all Android users.

However, Google limited access to its Accessibility API in 2022, which many apps – including Truecaller – used to record calls, and due to that the company had to remove the feature from its apps.

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Moreover, the company stated that, in addition, to call recording, it will provide users with transcripts, which it plans to roll out in the coming weeks.

Users will also be able to search through transcripts to quickly find information in recorded conversations.

According to the report, Truecaller has been testing this feature with a small number of iOS users in the US, and today the company has made this feature available to all users who have a premium subscription.

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With this expansion, Truecaller now offers three plans in the US — a basic ad-free plan ($1 per month), a premium plan with call recording ($3.99 per month), and a top-tier plan with call screening assistant ($4.49 per month).

Moreover, the report mentioned that Truecaller’s co-founder Nami Zarringhalam said that the company aims to roll out this feature in multiple countries, including India, which is its biggest market.

Truecaller has over half a million users in the US — with 10 percent on a subscription plan, according to the company.