Encrypted messaging app Telegram has announced a new update to add more improvements to voice chats and a host of additional features.

The new update brings Payments 2.0 for all Telegram chats, Scheduling and Mini Profiles for Voice Chats, new Telegram apps for your browser, and more.

“We first added support for payments in 2017. Payment bots allowed users to securely pay for goods and services without leaving the app — anything from ordering a pizza to hailing a taxi, to replacing winter tires when you’re tired of winter,” the company said in a blogpost on Monday. “Starting today, merchants can natively accept credit card payments in any chat, relying on 8 integrated third-party payment providers such as Stripe,” it added.

Payments 2.0

Buyers can add a tip whenever they purchase to show some extra love to their favorite artists, stores, or delivery drivers. Payments can now be made from any app — including desktop apps.

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This is a free and privacy-conscious platform — Telegram takes no commission and stores no payment information. Any merchant can start using the Payments API without getting additional approvals from Telegram.

Scheduled Voice Chats

Voice Chats give users the option to catch up with a few friends or tune in to massive broadcasts with millions of listeners. Admins of groups and channels can now schedule a Voice Chat for a particular date and time instead of creating one right away.

This gives community members time to let their friends know and get the popcorn ready. Users will see a colorful countdown at the top of the chat. Those too busy to watch the countdown can opt to receive a notification when the voice chat starts.

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The users can also change their profile picture and edit bios without leaving the chat. The company also said that they are adding two new, fully-featured Telegram web apps — both supporting animated stickers, dark mode, chat folders, and more.

With the new web versions you can get instant access to your chats on any device – desktop or mobile, the company said. Photos and videos can now be expanded directly from the chat — simply pinch to zoom in right away, without tapping to open the media viewer.