Tesla‘s app has gained support for automation with Apple Shortcuts.

Now, Tesla owners who own an iPhone can use Siri to activate Apple Shortcuts automation without utilizing third-party apps like Tessie to do so, reports The Verge.

On Saturday, the auto-maker released the new version of the Tesla app, 4.24.0, with a note mentioning, “Access your vehicle controls and climate from the Apple Shortcuts app.”

To use Siri with Shortcuts, users have to invoke the iPhone maker’s digital assistant and say the name of their automation.

“It’s a little clunkier than actual Siri integration, because to trigger Shortcuts automation, you have to memorize the names you’ve given them and repeat them verbatim, but it’s probably the best Tesla owners will get, at least for now,” the report said.

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The release notes by the company slightly undersold the Shortcuts support.

With the new Shortcuts support, users will likely be able to use Shortcuts to control several modes such as Dog Mode or Bioweapon Defense Mode.

Just by using their voice, users will also be able to close all the windows, adjust media volume, open their frunk, or set a charge limit.

Meanwhile, last month, the auto-maker started a new email campaign to urge Tesla owners with the Full Self-Driving (FSD) package to upgrade to a new car and transfer the FSD package.

The transfer terms and the email campaign revealed that what Musk called an “offer of amnesty” is nothing more than Tesla triggering a demand surge.

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