Tencent has launched a palm-recognition service for its WeChat Pay service here that allows Metro passengers to pay via waving their palm over a scanner, the media reported on Monday.

According to South China Morning Post, users can pay for rides on the Daxing Airport Express Line in the Capital by holding their hands over a scanner at metro station turnstiles.

“Recognition of a unique palm print triggers an automatic payment through the user’s WeChat account,” the report said.

Palm prints must be taken at a designated machine at a metro station and passengers can then use their palms at turnstiles with a green circle, according to Tencent.

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The technology relies on the recognition of both surface-level palm prints and the hand’s veins, according to Tencent.

“In our aim to improve efficiency and greatly simplify the user experience, we are making new technology more user-friendly for the elderly and accessible to people with disabilities,” the company said in the statement.

The technology was developed by the company’s YouTu artificial intelligence lab.

Tencent will soon roll out palm payments at offices, campuses, retail outlets, and restaurants.

The service is currently only available to residents in mainland China who have completed real name verification.

Alibaba Group Holding is also working on similar technology for its Alipay service.

In the US, Amazon launched its own hand-scan technology called Amazon One in offline stores in 2020.

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