Telegram unveiled new updates, featuring a range of exciting enhancements aimed at elevating user experience.

The update introduces colorful calls, a visually stunning Thanos Snap Effect for deleted messages, and the largest Bot update for over 800 million monthly active users.

Telegram introduced a significant overhaul to its calling feature, allowing users to engage in conversations, activate their cameras, or share their screens — all within the secure confines of end-to-end encryption, accessible across every platform.

The redesigned calling interface marks a new step forward, featuring new animations and beautiful backgrounds that adapt to the call’s status— whether it’s ringing, active, or concluded.

“This update addresses numerous bugs and interface glitches, underlining Telegram’s commitment to providing a seamless user experience,” said the company,

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Building on the experimental vaporize animation introduced on iOS last month, Telegram brought energy-efficient Thanos Snap Effect to both iOS and Android.

This animation accompanies the deletion of any message, adding an extra layer of visual delight to the messaging experience.

Telegram also announced an update to its Bot Platform, marking a pivotal moment in the platform’s evolution.

“Telegram’s versatile and free bot platform empowers developers to seamlessly integrate diverse services into the Telegram ecosystem, from simple chat bots to robust mini-apps capable of replacing entire websites,” said the company.

Among the many additions, bots can now react to messages, oversee reactions, manage quotes and links, and even send replies to other chats or topics.

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“The enhancements extend further, allowing bots to retrieve information about giveaways and boosts in channels where they hold administrative roles,” said Telegram.