Spotify is reportedly working on a new feature that will integrate its iOS application with HealthKit to provide workout playlists to users based on their health data.

HealthKit is an iOS application programming interface (API) that allows third-party applications to access users’ health-related data, reports 9To5Mac.

A Twitter user shared code found in Spotify’s applications which indicated that HealthKit support is coming soon.

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This would allow the platform to access information such as how long the user exercises every day, how much their calories burned, and more.

Spotify could choose and suggest specific songs based on the types of exercises logged by users or even their speed.

Meanwhile, in August, with an aim to make the platform simpler and more user-friendly for Premium users, Spotify introduced new individual buttons for Shuffle and Play, that would allow users to choose the mode they prefer at the top of playlists and albums and listen to them the way they want to.

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