Samsung is reportedly developing a double-folding smartphone, meaning that it folds and unfolds in two directions.

According to LetsGoDigital, the foldable phone will have two hinges to support its three display parts. When completely unfolded, the dual-fold smartphone could be used as a tablet.

The smartphone contains three displays that would be foldable with the help of two hinges, one part of which will fold inwards and the other part will fold outwards making a Z-like shape.

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The patent also mentions that the double-fold smartphone by Samsung will support S Pen and feature an HDMI port.

Samsung is also reportedly planning to launch its next-gen Fold4 around Q3 of 2022 with an improved under-display camera (UDC) on both the internal and external screens.

The overall primary camera setup is also getting an upgrade to bring the Galaxy Z Fold4 on par with the camera quality offered by the current flagship in the market.

The upcoming Fold 4 is also expected to come with a hinge that might reduce weight. The new hinge will also bring improved water resistance and a dust-resistant certification.

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