Apple iOS 15.4 beta update is being rolled out to support iPhones and with this users in the EU will be able to add an EU Digital Covid-19 certificate to the Health as well as Wallet apps.

Adding a certificate appears to be as simple as scanning its QR code and tapping the “Add to Wallet and Health” button, reports MacRumors.

Apple’s release notes indicate that EU Digital Covid-19 certificates issued by Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Cape Verde, North Macedonia, and Palestine also currently can’t be verified or added to the Wallet app on the iOS 15.4 beta.

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To recall, Apple first rolled out the ability to add Covid vaccination records to the Health and Wallet apps in the US with iOS 15.1, and the feature is also supported in Canada.

In addition, the iOS 15.4 beta added a new feature designed to allow Face ID to be used with a mask and without an Apple Watch for authentication.

The tech giant said that the feature can “recognize the unique features around the eye” for authentication purposes.

If you opt to use this feature during setup, you will need to rescan your face for Face ID. From there, Face ID will be able to unlock your iPhone even when you’re wearing a mask.

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