I have found a lot of people asking that how they can optimized their WordPress site. Everyone’s dream is to increase their website loading speed to compete in the internet market. There are lot of things which actually affecting the website performance. According to Abijita Foundation  People will leave in your site if your loading times exceeds more than 10 seconds. So, We should be serious about this. Here Abijita Foundation will tell you some Secrets that dramatically increases your website speed and performance.

Optimized Images

This is the most important thing that you should consider every-time when you write some posts. Images play a vital role in any websites. If you have optimized your images for web use then the loading time will take less than 3 seconds. If you haven’t optimized your images then loading time can take more than 8 seconds. So images play a tremendous role in any websites.

Install a Cache Plugins

Nowadays, every WordPress users has installed a cache plugins in their sites to increase the websites performance. Cache Plugins is considered to be most important plugins that every website should installed. It helps to optimized websites in the terms of speed and reliability. So if you want to increase your website speed then considered installed a Cache Plugins.

Deactivate/Delete unnecessary Plugins

Have you ever look how many plugins you have installed in your website and how many of them are you using? Installing many plugins will decrease the loading time of your websites. You should only installed the plugins which you use the most. Deactivating or deleting the unnecessary plugins also helps to increase the speed of your websites.

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Using a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Every top websites are using CDN (Content Delivery Network) to give users best experience to their website. Content Delivery Network are designed to give  users fast website loading speed. The static files of your websites are in the CDN’s networks and they have many servers in the world. Which eventually helps to increase the website loading speed and performances.

Get a Better Hosting

This is another important thing which affects the websites performance. Getting a good hosting provider is important for any users. Better Hosting means Better Service. If you are using a better hosting provider then you may not required anything to speed up your websites.

These are some tips which will help you to increase your website speed and performance. If you have any issue regarding the website speed and performance, feel free to write down in the comment box below.