Everyone wants a stable PC. It is quite tough to put your PC into a sound condition every time. If you are connected to the internet, then probably you have many chances that may be malware and viruses could affect your PC performance. Putting your PC into a sound working condition Is a challenging job so far. Here, Abjita Foundation bring you some tips so that you can put your Personal Computer (PC) into a stable working condition whenever you want.

Remove Temporary files

Temporary files are generally used whenever you are using some software application or surfing internet. This type are files are unnecessary for the computer. Some software automatically deleted the temporary files when the session end or program closed but some are remained in the computer. So, we should delete the temporary  in daily basis to put our PC into sound condition. To do this :

Go to Start, Click on Run and type “temp” and press ENTER

Then delete all the files

Again go to Start, Click on Run and type “%temp” and press ENTER

Then, delete all the files.

(Alternatively, you can press windows logo key + R to get Run Command)

Create System Restore Point

System Restore are the essential part of any operating system. It gives us ability to put the computer to the previous time when everything was working fine and stable. We should always create a system restore point so that whenever something happens then it gives us ability to restore into previous session. To create a System Restore  Point :

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Right Click on My Computer

Go to System Protection

Then Click on ‘Create’ bottom

It let you create a system restore point. So, whenever you found some issues with your PC then you can restore your PC to the restore point you have just created.

Disk De-fragmentation

Disk De-fragmentation is a utility in Microsoft Windows designed to increase access speed by rearranging files stored on a disk to occupy contiguous storage locations. De-fragmentation helps to minimizes head travel, which reduces the time it takes to read files from and write files to disk.

To Perform a Disk De-fragmentation

Go to My Computer

Right Click on the Desired Disk 

Click on Properties

Then click on Tools

And finally Click on Optimize bottom

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Install Antivirus Software

Antivirus was essential for the previous versions of Microsoft Windows (Below windows 7) However, Windows Defender is pre-installed software after Microsoft released the Windows 7 in 2009. It works like Anti-Virus software. However, a lot of windows users reports that Windows Defender doesn’t work effectively so that many users installed anti-virus. So, users should install antivirus software in order to achieve best performance.

Enable Windows Update

‘Error Reports’ are quite common in windows and most of the users face this problem in everyday basis. Windows constantly working to make their operating system error-free so they release the update files mostly every day. Enabling the windows update to let the user to replace the error files and ease on using operating system.

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Windows update are enabled automatically if it was disabled incase, then you can enable this by:

Go to start

Click on Control Panel

Click on Windows Update

Then you can select ‘Install Update Automatic’ from setting tab.

Remove Unnecessary Programs

If you feel your PC laggy then unwanted program can be one reason among others. It consumes your memory and drive space for no reason. Removing unnecessary programs can improve the PC performance.

To Remove Unnecessary Program

Go to Start

Click on Control Panel

Then Click on Program and Features (Below Windows 10 You can find Add/Remove Program Icon)

Remove any unnecessary program

Install Drivers

Drivers are crucial in windows.  We should install driver so the we can achieve the maximum possible performance. We should always check the Driver condition under Device Manager.

These are the tips and tricks by which you can increase your PC performance in no time. If you have any issue regarding the windows speed and performance, then feel free to write down below in the comment box.