Popular video streaming platform Netflix has started directing users on iPhones and iPad to an external webpage where they can sign up for the service.

The change comes just months after Apple started letting “reader” apps that provide access to digital content, like Netflix and Spotify, link out to account sign-up pages on their own websites, reports The Verge.

For as far back as 2018, Netflix did not provide an external signup link — or even tell users where they could sign up — in its iPhone and iPad apps.

Users had to instead navigate to Netflix’s website from their web or mobile browser to sign up for the service before accessing the app.

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This was done to comply with Apple’s rules, which made it difficult for apps to get around its up to 30 percent commission on in-app purchases and barred developers from offering a link to an external sign-up page.

The setup made it confusing for new users who would think they would be able to sign up to Netflix using the app, the report said.

However, now, reports say that iPhone and iPad users are seeing an external link within the Netflix app that they can use to sign up for the service.

Users who tap on the link see a message that warns they are “about to leave the app” and go to an external website. It also notes any transactions on the external page are not affiliated with Apple.

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Tapping through the warning redirects users to an account sign-up page on Netflix’s website, where they can input payment information and choose a subscription plan.

It is unclear when Netflix started introducing this new option, and the company didn’t immediately respond to The Verge’s request for comment.