Elon Musk on Thursday said he is going to remove the count of likes and reposts from the users’ feed and only “view counts” will show on their timeline.

X users slammed the decision, saying this is “excessively stupid” and will “greatly reduce engagement”.

Famous X handle DogeDesigner first posted that X is considering removing the count of likes and reposts from the feed but “it will still remain visible when you tap into a post”.

Musk replied that this is “definitely happening”.

“Just view count, as a proxy for the other metrics, will show on the timeline,” said the billionaire.

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The idea did not go well with X users.

“This will cause less engagement as people tend to engage with posts they can see are having a big amount of likes,” one user commented.

Another posted that “this would be excessively stupid and greatly reduce engagement and not actually accomplish anything positive”.

One X user suggested that Musk should add “a dislike button”.

Musk recently announced that X users will soon have a feature that allows their followers to see pinned posts.

In a post, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO said that the feature would allow one pinned post every 48 hours.

“A change is coming to our recommendation algorithm that will ensure that all your followers see your pinned posts,” the billionaire told his followers.

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