Tech billionaire Elon Musk has said that the block feature on X (formerly Twitter) is being removed and users will not be able to block others except in direct messages (DMs), a move that left several users angry.

Block restricts fellow users from interacting with, viewing, and following an account.

The ‘Mute’ feature will still remain on the social media platform, said Musk.

“Block is going to be deleted as a ‘feature’, except for DMs,” the tech billionaire told a follower.

“It makes no sense,” he added.

In June, Musk said that Twitter should remove blocking in favor of “a stronger form of mute”.

He always complained about mass blocking campaigns against users who subscribe to Twitter Blue.

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Regarded as a safety feature by several users, the suggestion to remove the Block feature also saw backlash from concerned users.

“In my opinion it’s worth having. Unfortunately trolls and spammers come out. Haters will always try to get some fame over trolling accounts and bashing their name through the mud and being able to control the experience matters. At least for each user,” posted the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley account.

“Women will never be able to block abusers and those men will still be able to follow and stalk,” another concerned user posted.

Twitter Co-founder Jack Dorsey came out in support of Musk.

“100 percent mute only,” he posted.

However, most X users said removing the Block feature is “a terrible idea”.

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