Elon Musk has said that Tesla’s fleet will be significantly larger in the future, reaching “roughly 10 million” in a few years.

Recently, Musk performed a test drive of a Model 3 vehicle with the full self-driving software (FSD) beta V12 version, which was live-streamed on X (formerly Twitter) and received millions of views.

The demonstration of Musk’s FSD system received quite a lot of attention on social media, with critics dismissing it as proof of its safety and supporters praising its improvements, reports Teslarati.

Among those who recognized the significance of the demonstration were American author and tech evangelist Robert Scoble, who called it the “first public demonstration of a robot that learned to move around the world by watching only videos”.

In response, Musk noted that the inference compute power required for the system used in the FSD V12 demo was only about 100W on Tesla’s AI computer.

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The CEO also said that such a “puny amount of power is enough to achieve superhuman driving”.

Musk did, however, emphasize that achieving superhuman driving with AI necessitates billions of dollars per year and a massive fleet of vehicles.

Keeping this in mind, Musk stated that Tesla currently has over four million vehicles on the road that are capable of training AI.

“Tesla also has over 4 million cars on the road capable of training the AI. In a few years, we will have roughly 10 million,” Musk said.

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Meanwhile, Tesla’s app has gained support for automation with Apple Shortcuts.

Now, Tesla owners, who own an iPhone, can use Siri to activate Apple Shortcuts automations without utilising third-party apps like Tessie to do so, reports The Verge.

To use Siri with Shortcuts, users have to invoke the iPhone maker’s digital assistant and say the name of their automation.