In a bid to push more X users to get the verified status and earn money, Elon Musk on Friday lowered the eligibility criteria for ads revenue sharing from 15 million to 5 million, and the minimum payout to $10 from the current $50.

The X Corp owner said that this essentially means that X Premium (formerly known as Twitter Blue) is free for accounts that generate above 5 million views.

“Note, only views from verified handles count, as scammers will otherwise use bots to spam views to infinity,” said the tech billionaire.

Earlier, X Support tweeted that they have lowered the eligibility threshold for ads revenue sharing from 15 million to 5 million impressions within the last 3 months.

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“We’ve also lowered the minimum payout threshold from $50 to $10,” the company added.

As Musk rolled out its ads revenue program for creators globally, including in India, one earlier needed to be subscribed to X Premium, have at least 15 million impressions on cumulative posts within the last three months, and have at least 500 followers.

Earlier this week, the company paid creators their share of ads revenue in the second lot under its newly launched ‘ads revenue sharing program’ for creators.

Creators were supposed to receive their ad share in the week ending July 31, which was paused by the company as it was flooded with requests for payments.

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